When will US 290 Program construction be completed?

We anticipate construction on the US 290 mainlanes to be completed by late 2018. TxDOT has opened and will open some portions before late 2018, as of summer 2018 five projects were substantially complete and construction is occurring on eight others. will continue to let you know when these openings occur.

TxDOT’s ultimate vision for the US 290 Corridor involves the construction of the parallel Hempstead Tollway from I-610 to SH 99. But currently funding for the tollway is not available.


How many miles of US 290 will be reconstructed?

The US 290 portion of the program is approximately 38 miles long, extending from the interchange area of IH 10/IH 610/US 290 northwest to near the Harris/Waller County line. 

The proposed Hempstead Tollway would be built along Hempstead Road from I-610 to SH 99, and is approximately 24 miles long. 


When will the new SH 6/FM 1960 bridge over US 290 be completed?

Due to utility delays, the construction schedule on the bridge did change and we anticipate the new SH 6/FM 1960 bridge over US 290 to be completed in late 2019.


How will I know about any detours and closures?

Information about detours and closures is posted on our website and sent out through e-mail blasts as well.
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Will there be a new southbound I-610 entrance ramp since the one from W. 18th Street was closed?

Yes. Our program plans will replace that entrance ramp with one a little farther south that drivers can access from the I-610 southbound frontage road past Hempstead; however, it will not be operational until 2018, once the one reversible managed lane carrying High Occupancy Vehicle/High Occupancy Tolled (HOV/HOT) that TxDOT is proposing is constructed in the area.


Will TxDOT route traffic onto neighborhood streets during freeway closures?

No. TxDOT will announce and sign the appropriate detours for each closure required. All of the detours will be via state system roadways and frontage roads. On occasion traffic may have to be detoured onto city streets, but drivers will not be routed through residential neighborhoods.


I thought the plan was to expand US 290 and build the Hempstead Tollway along Hempstead Road -- is that going to happen?

Current funding conditions mean TxDOT is not able to build US 290 and the Hempstead Tollway at the same time. TxDOT still plans to build the tollway, but currently funding for it is not available. Construction began on the US 290 Program in June 2011, and TxDOT will deliver interim improvements on US 290. TxDOT is proposing a design for the initial US 290 construction phase which includes one additional general purpose lane in each direction from I-610 to SH 6, with a one-lane reversible High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/Toll lane in the center of US 290 from I-610 to SH 99 (Grand Parkway).

Improvements to make the facility safer and more efficient will include mainlane shoulders to accommodate vehicle emergencies. TxDOT held public meetings regarding this proposed revised lane configuration on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at the Berry Center in Cypress, and on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at the Sheraton Brookhollow hotel at the I-610/US 290 interchange. 

The US 290 interim configuration does not impact the ongoing construction as it will be constructed within the right of way that has been environmentally cleared. Also, TxDOT is currently working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) to identify other potential transit-related improvements to US 290.